compiling viewer-win32.c

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile "examples/viewer-win32.c" in pango-1.12.1. I'm
using the win32 binaries of gtk+-2.8.17. Here are some problems I've

1. viewer-win32.c(236) : error C2039: 'yoffset' : is not a member of
        G:/gtk/include/gtk-2.0\gtk/gtklayout.h(52) : see declaration
of '_GtkLayout'
2. viewer-win32.c(309) : error C2198: 'pango_win32_render_layout' : too few
arguments for call
3. viewer-win32.c(340) : warning C4024: 'xy_to_cp' : different types for formal
and actual parameter 3

I'm wondering if there are some API changes and how to fix that.


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