Re: I have a question :)

Hi saravanan:
Thanks you very much.
But I still have a question.
Some indic engineers told that the (Cons(0x0d15-0x0d39) + 0x0d4d + 0x0d30) to become (0x0d30 + 0x0d4d + Cons) after reordering. Not only (0x0d15 + 0x0d4d + 0x0d30) becomes (0x0d30 + 0x0d4d + 0x0d15) after reordering.
Is it right?
I wrote the patch for malayalam as this rule.

saravanan wrote:


   I am here with attaching the correct rendering of Malayalam Character
combinations, you have asked for. Check the attachment.

1) Chills should be formed only when ZWJ is present (after 0D4D-Virama) in
the combination . Otherwise Consonant + Virama should display as it is.

Now Pango, ICU  treat virama before & after consonants as same. But
there are instances where Virama before & after should be rendered
differently. For eg: in the case of OD35 (VA),  Virama(0D4D) combination,
Virama+ VA should display "vasymbol", whereas VA+Virama should display as it
is.  But now depending on fonts the rendering differs.

So, My solution for Malayalam rendering problem in Linux is:
1) Treat all postbase & Belowbase characters as Consonants.
2) In the Font place Virama(0D4D) in the middle of combination.



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