Re: Medic needed for platform overview Pango screenshot

> There is an important issue with the font of choice for
> Latin/Greek/Cyrillic (LGC) as it covers languages in
> America(North/South), Europe, parts of Africa and Asia. As text would be
> commonly found having parts in any of these languages, it would be nice
> to focus on a single font, if possible.
> DejaVu is such a candidate for LGC, and as far as I know it's one of the
> few (only?) active FLOSS font development projects. There is work now to
> complete the hinting for Greek and Cyrillic, so that characters do not
> look fuzzy.

Unfortunately seems like DejaVu is not trying to achieve that
though.  They have already added Arabic glyphs and you know the
rest of the story.

> There are quite a few free fonts available, that unfortunately are not
> hinted.
> I believe a page under
> would be good to discuss this.

There's a better page, part of Project UTF-8:

> Simos


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