Re: Medic needed for platform overview Pango screenshot

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 19:43 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> The Pango screenshot in:
> Needs some serious help:
>  - The samples in Arabic scripts are rendered misconnected
>  - The samples in Thai are rendered with accents improperly
>    placed
>  - The Japanese sample is an ugly blot
>  - The Chinese sample is rendered in a mix of fonts with
>    one character showing as a hex box
>  - The Greek and Hebrew samples are rendered with bitmap
>    fonts
> The basic problem seems to be that it was done on a system
> with few international fonts, so glyphs were pulled from
> misc-fixed or similar and all the shaping features of Pango
> didn't work.
> Does anybody with a decent set of fonts installed want to
> take a stab at producing a version that is an advertisement
> for Pango rather than an embarrassment?
> Some searching around on google, will probably turn up
> the original text file ... (though a better screenshot
> of Pango doesn't have to use that text file of course...)
> Or do you have it around, Shaun?

Ugh.  Actually, this is not the most recent shot
I took, but I'm sure my later and better shot is
still not as good as the one Simos provides.

The hex box was pointed out to me, and I installed
a bunch of fonts from yum, which fixed the problem.
Unfortunately, one of those fonts was DejaVu, which
Behdad points out is really not good.

As Simos guessed, I got the text from some po files,
although I think I used gnome-control-center, rather
than libgnomeprint.

Do let's replace this with a better image.  Simos's
looks like a big improvement.

Do we have plans to put this document into CVS for
long-term maintenance?  I'd like to have a module
named devel-guides or some such, in anticipation
of goading people into writing more guides:

Having a single module containing them will make
maintenance, tracking, and releases easier.


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