Re: Medic needed for platform overview Pango screenshot

O/H Federico Mena Quintero έγραψε:
On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 02:00 +0100, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

It appears that strings come from the translations of libgnomeprint.
In libgnomeprint, there is a pangram message "The quick brown fox jumps
over..." and is localised to several other languages. This message is to
demonstrate the letters of the alphabet of a language.
I extracted all the translations and I put to the attached file,
I selected several of them in "pango.txt" (attached) and I produced
(click on All Sizes to get the original).

That indeed looks better.  Owen may be able to find more problems, but:

- What's that big glyph in the fourth line?
I think you mean the third line. That's Japanese,
- Hinting is funny in the Greek line - it looks fuzzy.
Indeed. I use the DejaVu font, which does not offer hinting currently for Greek.
Hinting for Greek in DejaVu is added these two weeks and I expect
that DejaVu 2.5 (mid-April) will be ok. I am not aware of any other
- Is line 19 right?
Line 19 is atrocious :(. It appears it uses glyphs from two different fonts.

An alternative to the pangrams in libgnomeprint might be to use
as it covers more languages.


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