GTK, Pango Fonts

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to make proper use of fonts
with GTK, and am not find a whole lot of answers out there.

Here are some of my questions:

1. Is there a Pango FAQ, or GTK fonts FAQ?
   Specifically, is there a document describing how Pango is built on
top of,
   and works with, freetype and Windows native fonts?

2. Does Pango on X use freetype only, or does it allow X bitmap fonts?

3. What fonts are available to Pango?
   When you bring up a Pango font selection dialog, do the fonts there
   reflect the system fonts? Or do they represent Pango font families
which are
   used to select from the system fonts? Is there such a thing as a
"Pango font"?

   In order to get more fonts for Pango on X, do I simply install
freetype fonts?
   Similarly, to get more fonts for Pango on Windows, I just install
Window fonts?
   How do I manage what list of fonts is presented in the font selection
   both on X and on Windows?

4. Are there any cross-platform projects which attempt to make their
fonts look
   the same on both Windows and on X, and if so, what approach do they

5. How much of a performance penalty is there for rendering fonts with
   versus drawing fonts with XDrawString?

6. Are there any optimizations of Pango which would allow significant

7. Is it possible to use X bitmap fonts with GTK widgets?

If any of you might be able to point me in the right direction,
I would very much appreciate it.


 Brian Hanley, Software Developer
 FlexTrade Systems - Great Neck, NY 11021
 brian hanley flextrade com
 +1 (516) 627-8993 Ext. 238

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