Re: abs val for 'size' attribute in markup

Le 2 févr. 05, à 20:48, Stéphane Conversy a écrit :


maybe I didn't understand how the markup language works, but it seems that setting the size attribute with
an absolute value does not work (it leads to a null font size).

I commented out line pango-markup.c:286:
  //if (ot->scale_level_delta != 0)

and it works as expected, but I'm not sure about that.

well it doesn't work, after all, letters "jiggle" when setting size with the modification.
I'm kind of stuck...
Does someone experience this problem ?

best regards,


for info, the markup text I use: <span face='Times New Roman' size='40960' style='normal' weight='normal'>sauvage !</span>

stéphane conversy
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