So, I'm getting embarassed by again. It still says:

 Status: Pango-1.2 has been released and is available from

Even though I've since released 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, and 1.10. Other parts
of the site (like the screenshot gallery) are even worse.

Currently, the Pango website is XHTML using server-side includes, and
is checked into GNOME CVS:

It's reasonably clean, as long as you don't mind editing HTML 
directly, and there is a auto-checkout, so you just have to check
into CVS and it goes live. If I found a  volunteer maintainer, I could
easily  get them a CVS account. But having it as a wiki would make
volunteer contributions from a range of people easier.

My requirements:

 - Must be a distinct website, that is "Pango branded" - I don't just
   want a few pages inside or something like that.

 - Must not be ugly. Pango is a project about typography. The site
   needs to be clean and uncluttered.

   Is almost OK, though it still has more "Moin" clutter than I'd like,
   especially the big footer.

   While better in many ways than the site (Moin-1.3
   rather than Moin-1.2) is worse in the "ugly" category because of
   the big intrusive sidebar which is about being a Wiki rather than
   about the site.

 - Can't block too much on me for updating :-), that clearly doesn't

So, if I was going to do it as a Moin instance, it would have
to be a *separate* Moin instance from not too hard
to set up, though would create additional maintenance headaches
going forward

So, anyways, just wanted throw those out there, and see if there were
volunteers to:
 A) Become site maintainer using the existing infrastructure, 
    update the content to be reasonably recent, and keep on top
    of it on an ongoing basis. 


 B) Come up with a rocking Moin-1.3 theme that says "Pango" and 
    migrate useful stuff from the existing content (if any) to it.


P.S. - my thoughts on what needs doing to the current content:

 - Move all the design documents and status reports someplace
   out of the way; it's historical, not usefu. Some of the info from 
   the design documents would be nice in an appendix to the Pango
   manual, perhaps.

 - Update the Gallery section; what I think would be nice would
   be two pieces - a few screenshots of Pango in use on the
   desktop and comprehensive samples of scripts handled by Pango.

 - Update the Download and Resources section. There are quite a 
   few dead or irrelevant (Unifont, say) links under Resources.

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