Re: Fixing

Owen Taylor wrote:

> - Must not be ugly. Pango is a project about typography. The site
>   needs to be clean and uncluttered.
>   Is almost OK, though it still has more "Moin" clutter than I'd like,
>   especially the big footer.
>   While better in many ways than the site (Moin-1.3
>   rather than Moin-1.2) is worse in the "ugly" category because of
>   the big intrusive sidebar which is about being a Wiki rather than
>   about the site.
By the look of it, the fedora wiki is just using the standard "sidebar"
theme distributed with moin-1.3, but with a different colour scheme.

One option would be something like the Ubuntu wiki:

This is basically the moin-1.3 "modern" theme with the tabs removed.  So
the only wiki related stuff is:

    * the search and login controls in the top right corner
    * a single strip below the header with the various wiki links.
    * one line in the footer giving the last modified date.


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