Re: Fixing

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 Owen Taylor wrote :
>So, I'm getting embarassed by again. It still says:
>  Status: Pango-1.2 has been released and is available from

Yes, I found that site quite confusing when trying to look for
material on how Pango was handling rendering of Oriya text. I
agree that the Pango site needs to look typographically clean.

>So, anyways, just wanted throw those out there, and see if there were
>volunteers to:
>  A) Become site maintainer using the existing infrastructure,
>    update the content to be reasonably recent, and keep on top
>    of it on an ongoing basis.

I can do this if it works out to a few hours a week on the average.

>  B) Come up with a rocking Moin-1.3 theme that says "Pango" and
>    migrate useful stuff from the existing content (if any) to it.

I can consider doing this, except that I currently have no experience
with Moin. Due to other commitments, it could be up to a month
before this is done. So, I would suggest doing A) immediately, and
working on B) gradually.


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