Re: A bug in pango

Saravanan said on Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 11:00:22AM -0700,:

 > My  suggestion for the  problems is  1) If  a Char  combination has
 > ZWJ(200D)then the Left-matra should be placed after it.
 >       For eg. In the case of  a Chill char followed by a consonant,
 > the left matra should be placed after Chill & before the consonant.

Are you sure the keyboard inputs u+200D here? I am not sure that all -
er  - *any*  keyboard  layouts available  for  Malayalam on  GNU/Linux
actually uses u+200d.  (And I find chillus forming without U+200D).
 > 2) In the  case of a Consonant Virama  Consonant combinations check
 > whether any  combination is possible  b/w the 2. If  no combination
 > exists,  then put the  Left-matra before  the socond  consonant.  I
 > hope the bug will be corrected in the next release.

Are you sure this should be the rule, linguistically?

Did you mean  `no combination exists int he  font'? Or `no combination
exists in the language'??

If it  is the  first (no conjunct  in the  font) think you  are wrong.
Consider the following situation:-

u+0d31 + u+0d4D + u+0d31 + u+0d4[A|B|C].

u+0d31 + u+0d4D + u+0d31 is a required conjunct, (refer the TDIL april
2002 issue, page 40 of the PDF),  but assume a font does not have this

Your suggestion, if  I understand you correctly, is  that left side of
u+0d4[A|B|C] should be  placed around the second U+0D31,  which IMO is
wrong,  because  the user  will  now  pronounce  the `ra'  separately,
instead of the grammatically correct `tta'.

I am subject to correction though.

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         It gives you freedom!

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