A bug in pango

    I am using Pango-1.5.2 in my RH9.0 system. I would like to bring to your
notice a bug in Malayalam rendering (indic module). Pango misplaces the Left
matras for some specific combinations of Virama(Chandrakala). Pango treats
all Character combinations having Virama as a single unit. So it places the
left matra at wrong positions.
        Eg. Chill character followed by a consonant & then a Matra_pre (_dl
or split matra) character. Here the Left matra is placed before chill
character, instead of placing it before the consonant.

My suggestion for the problems is
1) If a Char combination has ZWJ(200D)then the Left-matra should be placed
after it.
      For eg. In the case of a Chill char followed by a consonant, the left
matra should be placed after Chill & before the consonant.
2) In the case of a Consonant Virama Consonant combinations check whether
any combination is possible b/w the 2. If no combination exists, then put
the Left-matra before the socond consonant.
    I hope the bug will be corrected in the next release.


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