Drawing Indic text using Gtk widgets


I'm very new to Gtk. I'm trying to understand how Gtk
is using Pango for text-rendering.

I've just compiled and installed atk-1.2.4, 
glib-2.2.3,  gtk+-2.2.4 and  pango-1.2.5 in my
machine.  I'm able to run the "Hello World" program as
specified in the Gtk tutorial.

I edited the source code of the Hello World program 
in Yudit and replaced "Hello World" with some
Devanagari text.  Now I run the program; but the
Devanagari text doesn't come up.  I've one OpenType
Hindi font (Raghu) installed in my machine. But how do
I inform Pango to pick up this font for Hindi? Is
there some configuration file for Pango?

What are the steps that I need to do so that I can 
use Indian language texts in Gtk widgets like utton,
label etc?


Jyotirmoy Saikia
Specialist - Systems
PicoPeta Simputers Pvt Ltd
146, 5th Cross, RMV Extension, Bangalore-80

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