gaps in stacked symbols

Hi all,

I've implemented a piece of code which stretches some math symbols like
parentheses so as to span a give height. Using pango API this is
restricted to the symbols for which Unicode characters representing
"pieces" of those symbols are available, for example U+239B is "left
parenthesis upper hook" and U+239d is "left parenthesis lower hook". The
symbols are stacked on top of each other according to their bounding box
(ink), however, as can be seen in the screenshot

there is a small gap between the pieces. I wonder if this is due to some
unprecise metrics in the font or if the application is itself
responsible for putting the pieces a little bit closer than their boxes
tell. But then how much this "little bit" is?

A second screenshot taken on a different machine with different fonts
shows the same problem with the integral sign, but not with the

Note however that the parentheses have been shaped with a non-scalable
font which I'm not able to identify!! (the gucharmap applications says:
Fixed, no more than that). Is there any way for querying which font was
actually used? I'm curious since I haven't been able to reproduce the
latter screenshot on any other machine but my laptop.


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