Re: how to international GTK app

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 01:48, Raymond Wan wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	Sorry for the elementary question in comparison to other messages
> here, but I have a GTK application completed but would like to enable it
> to handle other languages (that is, other languages as input, and not with
> respect to how the dialog boxes, pull-down boxes, etc. look like -- the
> latter can remain in English).  So yes, I made the mistake of writing an
> app with English in mind at first, and now, have to go back fixing all the
> places where I made short cuts with the distinction between characters and
> bytes.
> 	Is anyone aware of a how-to which explains how one could port a
> GTK app in this way?  That is, what to look out for?  And if not, could
> someone point me into a direction within the API docs where I should
> concentrate on?  As an example of how lost I am, I don't even know whether
> to look in the GTK, GDK, or pango documentation, though all 3 seem
> relevant.  Thank you!

The GNOME 2 porting guide has a section on UTF-8:

There's also some useful intro material in the "Common Questions"
sections of the libgtk API docs.


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