Re: fonts w/o unicode mapping

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 20:09, Adrian E. Feiguin wrote:
> Hi. My system is still unable to display Dingbats and Standard Symbol L. 
> I found that this could be a problem with fonts that don't provide a 
> Unicode character mapping. I wonder if this could be the reason and how 
> I can overcome it.
> I installed the latest cvs version of fontconfig, pango-1.4, and I'm 
> using the gtk+-2.4.7 font selector.
> The fonts are:
> Dingbats:style=Regular
> Standard Symbols L:style=Regular
> BTW, same happens with
> Nimbus Sans L, Regular Condensed (no problem with Bold Condensed, 
> Regular Condensed Italic, and Bold Condensed Italic)
> I promiss, this is the last time I ask, and I'll give up :-(
> I wonder if somebody knows what the problem might be. Thank you!

- To get condensed fonts to work, you'll need to compile Pango
  *after* installing a devel snapshot of fontconfig.

- Fonts with the "adobe symbol" (symbol) or "adobe custom" encodings
  (dingbats) are supposed to work, and have worked in my experience.

  I'd suggest diving in and debugging what is going on.


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