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On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 09:38:40AM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > So my idea was, if tha urw-fonts package in the gimp repository includes 
> > the 35 basic Adobe fonts, I should't have problems using them. But for 
> > some reason, after installing them, I can display them using xfontsel, 
> > but not with gnome-print or pango. Why is that?
> I'm not sure what you are running on your system.

He means that there is a fonts.alias file with X11 font names
like -adobe-helvetica-foo-bar-iso8859-1 being aliases of
the real names -urw-nimbus sans-foo-bar-iso8859-1

Those old X11 font technology aliases are not available in programs
using fontconfig.

If I understand him correctly, he would like to implement similar
aliases, so that "Helvetica" will appear as an available pango font,
even if in fact it isn't there, but nimbus sans instead.

I think the following should do it:

		<family>Nimbus Sans L</family>

I don't know how well putting the same name in first place works
(my intention is that if the real Helvetica is installed, it be
used); nor if the use of pseudo font "Sans" at the end of an alias
list like that is correct.

Apparently there is already in default fonts.conf an alias 
"Helvetica" --> "sans-serif";
but then it has "Arial" prepended, and the sans serif pseudo font
doesn't have "Nimbus Sans L" as first choice; while he wants,
as in fonts.alias of URW fonts, to use prioritarly "Nimbus Sans L"
as alias for "Helvetica".

(and similarly for each of the 35 Adobe font names)

fontconfig does handle that in a way suitable for 99% of the
cases, indeed, but the actual font being used is not exactly
determined, it will depend on what is installed;
while he wants to be sure the equivalency to be with some
precise fonts.

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