Re: postscript fonts vs. pango aliases

I understand what you are saying, I've been digging into gnome-print and I get it. The reason why I'm hesitant of doing it this way is: my code is more primitve and basic, but simpler; and the main point, I understand that pango cannot render symbol fonts (yes, it's a font problem and not a pango problem), and symbols are crucial to a scientiffic application like mine.

So my idea was, if tha urw-fonts package in the gimp repository includes the 35 basic Adobe fonts, I should't have problems using them. But for some reason, after installing them, I can display them using xfontsel, but not with gnome-print or pango. Why is that?

I am planning to take a look at ggv now, but I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Thank you for any advice,

Owen Taylor wrote:

On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 18:12, Adrian E. Feiguin wrote:
I am developing an application that is wysiwyg and generates postscript output. I have wrappers that basically assign a pango alias to each of the 35 default Adobe fonts, eg:
  "Times-Roman", // ps name
 "times, Medium" //pango name"

I want the output in the screen to look the closest possible to the ps output. The problem is that the user can change the fonts aliases at will, either with pangox.aliases or fonts.conf/local.conf, and make say "Helvetica" look like "Courier". I don't want this to happen, I want Times to look like Times, and Helvetica to look like Helvetica (unless the font is not present, in case I use "sans"). Any idea how to overcome this?

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but when trying to get
WYSIWYG, it's *much* easier to make the fonts on the printer look
like the fonts on the screen than vice-versa.

The approach that Windows takes, the approach that GNOME takes with
gnome-print is to simply to embed all fonts in the PS output.
(sub-setted as appropriate.)

Failing that, what I'd suggest is mapping the PS font names to their
URW equivalents ... Times-Roman to Nimbus Roman No9 L, etc. they are
very close copies, present on almost all Linux and similar systems,
and their is little sane reason for a user to remap them to something
else ... if a user does that, they get what they deserve.


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