A Question about Farsi

Hi, I am using GNOME version 2.2. I was trying to make
some changes in it, so that it displays all messages
(such as messages for log out, or something like that)
and everything in Farsi. There's a
problem here and it's that I can't type farsi properly
in GNOME. I was searching the internet and it seems
that GNOME v2.2 supports farsi, but when I export the
farsi LANGUAGE and open the gedit all farsi
characters on the menu bar are detached. I even copy
some farsi text from internet and paste it in gedit,
it can't even display them properly, it just detaches
the characters. I mean it doesn't display
the whole word it just displays the letters separate
from each other.
I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me
what's wrong here, or if there's any easier way to use
farsi in GNOME v2.2

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