Re: failing to get PangoContext

On 20 Oct 2003, Tony Graham wrote:
> Daniel Glassey <danglassey ntlworld com> wrote at Sat, 18 Oct 2003
> 21:45:32 +0100:
>> Hi,
>> When I try and run a pretty minimal program below which just opens up a 
>> display and tries to get a PangoContext from it it fails with the error 
>> below.
>> Am I missing something obvious?
> Yes.  Well, something simple but not necessarily obvious until you've
> stumbled as you have.
> Add:
> g_type_init();
> before you do anything with GObject or any library that uses
> GObjects.  In your case, add it before you call any Pango functions.
> As the g_type_init() documentation says, "Prior to any use of the type
> system, g_type_init() has to be called to initialize the type system
> and assorted other code portions (such as the various fundamental type
> implementations or the signal system)."

So this is all you need to do to use Pango?  In Dia, we've been wanting to
have the possibility of an X-less conversion option, but I was unsure how
to  use Pango without calling gtk_init first.  Excellent?


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