Re: A Question about Farsi

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Agahi Houman wrote:

> Hi, I am using GNOME version 2.2. I was trying to make
> some changes in it, so that it displays all messages
> (such as messages for log out, or something like that)
> and everything in Farsi. There's a
> problem here and it's that I can't type farsi properly
> in GNOME. I was searching the internet and it seems
> that GNOME v2.2 supports farsi, but when I export the
> farsi LANGUAGE and open the gedit all farsi

Gedit is designed to be a text editor for editing code
and the like, where the occurrence of complex-layout scripts
like Arabic is rare.  So it is possible that gedit does not handle
Farsi or Arabic correctly within the editor pane.  However,
that does not explain why the characters on the menu bar are
not properly joined: they should be. Do other Gnome apps have the
same problem with menu entries in Farsi or not?  If not, then
it seems likely that it is a gedit bug that you should file.

Gnome uses the Pango library for complex-layout
scripts and should handle Farsi without a problem.  I know that Pango
handles Arabic correctly.

For a Linux editor that can really handle Arabic script correctly,
try Yudit (

> characters on the menu bar are detached. I even copy
> some farsi text from internet and paste it in gedit,
> it can't even display them properly, it just detaches
> the characters. I mean it doesn't display
> the whole word it just displays the letters separate
> from each other.
> I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me
> what's wrong here, or if there's any easier way to use
> farsi in GNOME v2.2
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