Do you know to what extent gnome/gtk apps already support codeset
conversion (presumably using iconv() or higher level wrappers)?

would codeset conversion be carried out seamlessly when pulling in data
from the underlying OS? 

For example. If a user logged into Solaris in say an 8859-7 locale and
was running an application on gnome that manipulated date and time
information. Say that date and time information was retrieved from the
system using strftime(). The output would be encoded in 8859-7 and would
therefore need to be converted to UTF-8 by the gnome/gtk app in order to
be displayed. Right?. Does that conversation happen seamlessly? In
otherwords does the developer need to specifically check to find out
what the codeset of the OS is, load the correct converters, and do the
conversion? Or, does gnome/gtk automatically do it?

thanks in advance.


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