Re: Question regarding gnome-font-properties resolution


Thanks very much for the response, it was very helpful.  I am running
into one more issue though.  Where does the default DPI value come from?
On all the systems I have seen it is 96, but is that retrieved from a
system file or just hard coded into gnome-font-properties as the
default?  Also, is it possible that this value will change in the
future or on a distribution basis?



On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 11:52:15AM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> There are basically two paths:
>  properties dialog => Xft.dpi => Xft library
>  properties dialog => XSETTINGS => GTK+ => Xft library
> The second is currently only present on GNOME within Red Hat Linux 
> (I haven't felt comfortable integrating the changes into upstream
> GTK+ for various reasons), and is there to allow change-on-the-fly.
> So, you can get things mostly right by simply looking at the
> Xft.dpi X resource.
> But if Swing is to properly integrate into the Linux and/or into the
> GNOME desktop it needs to be using Xft (or at least fontconfig).
> There's no way around that. And when using Xft, then you generally
> shouldn't have to worry about the resolution yourself.
> (Though I don't know the details of resolution handling in Swing;
> a good analogy for Xft.dpi, is that it is like the logical resolution
> on Windows.)
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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