Need Urgent Help

               Hello sir Iam a final year Engineering student in Computer Science descipline.  As a part of final year project iam developing a Multilanguage text editor (A text editor which allows user to insert text of different languages in the same file)
             Sir iam trying to support two Indian languages(viz. Hindi and Kannada). And i have got the font files of both these languages.
Iam using GTK+ as a tool to develop the GUI on Linux platform.
But iam facing following two problems in my project.
1) Iam able to insert onebyte characters (e.g character with uni code such as 0x72 etc) into a GtkTextWidget.
   But iam unable to insert some multibyte characters (Some characters in Kannada/Hindi language with uni code more tham 127 in decimal or more tham 0x9F in hexa decimal) into the GtkTextWidget.
  Please sujjest me any API using which i can insert multibyte characters into the GtkTextWidget.
2) If i type any character into the GtkTextWidget, the widget is directly displaying the character in english.
  Insted i want to catch the key code of the typed key (before it is displyated by the GtkTextWidget) and do some processisng and then i want to display the Kannada/Hindi language character corrosponding to that key code.( i.e. My program must sit in between the key board and widget). Please help me how to do this.
 Sir please help me by giving appropriate sujjession as early as possible and help me to complete my project. I will be very thank full to you
My email id : visit_salam yahoo co in
   Thanking your sir
                                                              your faithfully
                                              Abdul Salam
                                              Vijayanagar Engineering College,Bellary
                                              Karnatka , India.

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