Re: Font priorities

Dear list,

another, related font priority problem: When running a GTK+ 2
application (like gedit) under


GTK+/Pango/Fontconfig pick (from the looks of it) the font "AR PL
KaitiM Big5" for the rendering of all Latin glyphs of "Sans."
They do so regardless of what the setting of LANG and hence
LC_MESSAGES is, and in my case it's en_US.UTF-8 (see other email
for reasons why).  In any case, the resultant rendering is
abysmally ugly due to the ill-designed Latin glyphs in the KaitiM
font.  And anyway, one would expect GTK+/Pango/Fontconfig to use
the same font for the rendering of a given Unicode range / script
(here Latin script) regardless of what the locale settings are -
and that font should be something like Helvetica or Arial.  (Keep
in mind that the "font" that I am being told is used is called
"Sans.")  I would be most interested in your suggestions for why
this happens or how to fix it.


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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