im-ja: A Japanese input module for GTK2


I made (yet another :) Japanese input module for GTK2. 

im-ja aims to be a generic Japanese input module for GTK+2. Currently supported
input modes are:
    * Hiragana
    * Katakana
    * Zenkaku
    * Canna (Using the Canna conversion engine)
    * Kanji character recognition (based on Kanjipad)

Further goals are to implement all of the most widely used Japanese input
methods such as [free]wnn, atok, etc.
im-ja is based on im-canna and im-nakai written by Yukihiro Nakai.
The kanji recognition uses Owen Taylor's Kanjipad.

Source, deb, screenshot, etc are at

Seems like there are some projects aiming for the same goal. It would be nice to

Comments are welcome.

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