Re: character-spacing & cursively-connected characters

On Thursday 13 February 2003 05:34 pm, Andrew Dunbar wrote:
>  --- Damon Chaplin <damon karuna uklinux net> wrote: >
> On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 00:09, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > > How can word-spacing "fail" ?
> >
> > If only one word fits on the line there may be no
> > spaces to expand.
> >
> > The TeX algorithm also tries very hard not to
> > stretch spaces above a certain ratio. So this is
> > another sort of failure case.
> Also, some languages including Thai discourage spaces
> between words, and other languages including Khmar
> completely forbid spaces between words.
> I'm not sure if there is a method of justification
> used in print in these languages.

Also some writing systems including Devanagari represent a word-final 
consonant followed by a word-initial 'a' with a single glyph, so there is no 
place where a word break could be put.

> Andrew Dunbar.
> > Damon

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