Fonts found by Pango/PangoFT2

I'm noticing that there's a difference in font names between normal Pango
and PangoFT2 (as see using GDK_USE_XFT).  For instance, bodidly <->
bodidlybold, comicscartoon <-> comics, coronet <-> coronetscript, oldtown
<-> old-town etc.  It also seems that some fonts are missing on one side or
the other, though it's hard to tell with the name mess.  

Since we use PangoFT2 for printing, but regular Pango unless the user sets
XFT, this leads to a world of confusion & trouble.  Is there a way to find
out which fonts are the same between the two systems, or to get the two
systems to agree on the names (I'm using pango_family_get_name to find the

I'm using Debian x86 with libpango 1.0.4, freetype 2.1.2.


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