Re: OpenType Patches

At 07:10 PM 8/30/2002, I wrote:
I've been chasing an obscure bug having to do with accent positioning in OpenType fonts. The symptom is that sometimes, accents are positioned too far to left. After chasing my tail for quite a while, I've narrowed this bug down to the fact that the face the indic-ot shaper passes to the OpenType routines has face->size.metrics.x_scale == 0. (actually everything in the metrics record is zero) This causes the OT code which returns anchor points to return them all as zero 'cause it multiplies to co-ordinates by x_scale. My shaper gets the face like this:

    face = pango_xft_font_lock_face (font);

So I assume that the problem is somewhere in pango_xft_font_lock_face... does anybody have any idea where I should start looking?

I've tracked this some more; pango_xft_font_lock_face ends up calling _XftLockFile, which may call FT_New_Face if f->face is null. I assume that the face returned by FT_New_Face would have face->size->metrics.x_scale == 0. Can anybody confirm that this is indeed the problem? Better still, does anybody have any idea what to do about this?


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