Re: Missing international characters

Søren Hansen <sh warma dk> writes:
> Hi!
> I'n not 100% sure which mailing list this is supposed to go to, so
> I'll post to both. I hope that's OK.

Actually none of them, I think - this is probably more like a
gnome-list question, but nevermind. :-)

> There, I choose "Use custom font". AFAIK I'm using Helvetica right
> now, so I picked that one again, 'cause I think it's nice. I picked
> a smaller size, and everything looked fine. I started up Evolution.
> When I choose "New message", I can choose from my different e-mail
> accounts. Usually it says "Søren Hansen <sh warma dk>" in the first
> one, but now all three just say "S". So everything from the Danish
> character and onward is gone.

In the character picker, which encoding (under "Font style" or
"Skriftstil") did you choose? It probably should be ISO-8859-1.
The GUI is pretty lame with respect to the encoding. Font style and
encoding shouldn't really be mixed like that - but perhaps it is fixed
in the soon-to-be GTK 2.

If changing encoding doesn't fix the problem, it must be a bug

Ole Laursen

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