Re: font combinations

> From rannirl otherkin net Wed Jun  5 18:08:29 2002
> I'm not using GTK at all, just pango (currently 0.25). I'm not sure which 
> Xft, whichever comes with XFree 4.2 (I can't find anything that seems to 
> indicate Xft version).

It seems Pango just moved to Xft 2 (or fontconfig + Xft) in CVS head.  In
your case, it should be Xft 1.

> What would I put in those files though?

Then /etc/X11/XftConfig should be a good start.  As an example, in order for
it to display Chinese, I add the following in my ~/.xftconfig:

match any family == "serif"             edit family =+ "AR PL SungtiL GB";

> > The problem is how to generate the physical font list for a logical
> > font.  This list may be changing depends on the language, for example.
> > A generic logical font like 'sans-serif' may be/has to be different when
> > display Chinese and Japanese.  
> Why? Is this because of the overlap in coverage?

Yes.  In general, the same character can always be used in different scripts.

> > 2.  If I specify a phisical font for a text segment, language tag should be
> > examined first.  Depending on the language tag, the font substitution list
> > could be different.  The CSS2 matching algorithm can be applied here.
> I assume you mean to say "logical font" in the second one.

Sorry.  You are right.  It should be "logical font" there.


Yao Zhang

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