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On Wednesday 05 June 2002 05:57 pm, Yao Zhang wrote:

> > From the discussion, it sounds like it is possible to have different
> > fonts with different unicode ranges used for the same piece of text, and
> > have the appropriate glyphs selected automatically.

> > Did I understand correctly, and if so, how is this set up?

> What I have learned is that if you are using GTK+ 2 with Xft 1, the

I'm not using GTK at all, just pango (currently 0.25). I'm not sure which 
Xft, whichever comes with XFree 4.2 (I can't find anything that seems to 
indicate Xft version).

> set up is better in configuation file /etc/X11/XftConfig or your own
> ~/.xftconfig.  If you are using GTK+ 2 with Xft 2, the configuration
> file is /etc/fonts/fonts.conf or your own ~/.fonts.conf.

What would I put in those files though?

> There are two kinds of font: physical font and logical font.  A logical
> font may consists one or more physical fonts.  The phsical fonts in a
> logical font work as a per character fallback list: if the glyph for a
> character can not be found in the first physical font in the list, try
> the next phisical font in the list, and so on.

That makes sense to me.

> The problem is how to generate the physical font list for a logical
> font.  This list may be changing depends on the language, for example.
> A generic logical font like 'sans-serif' may be/has to be different when
> display Chinese and Japanese.  

Why? Is this because of the overlap in coverage?

> As a user, this is what I would like:
> 1.  If I specify a physical font for a text segment, then no matching is
> needed.  Just ignore language tag, font substitute, etc.  If a character
> can not be displayed by the font, leave it as a blank square;
> 2.  If I specify a phisical font for a text segment, language tag should be
> examined first.  Depending on the language tag, the font substitution list
> could be different.  The CSS2 matching algorithm can be applied here.

I assume you mean to say "logical font" in the second one.

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