Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:17:34AM +0200, Arnaud Charlet wrote:
> Am I the only one who lives in a world where systems do *not* have XFree86
> nor Gnome ? (And yes, I already gave the list previousely ;-)

	It has already been stated that future versions of the Xft,
Fontconfig, and XRender libraries will work as client libraries against
non-RENDER servers.  This means that they will work on the existing Sun
and IBM servers as well as others.  They will also not require Gnome.
The end result is that your application would link against these new
client-side libraries and gain centralized font configuration as well as
other improvements.
	The statement about XFree86 support and Gnome support was not
claiming that XFree86 and Gnome were required to run this technology.
Instead, it was pointing out that Sun, IBM, and others who will be using
Gnome will further integrate Xft, Fontconfg, and XRender in order to
improve their systems.  The end result is a faster adoption on the
'non-XFree86' systems.



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