Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Hi Matthias,

>My understanding is that pango depends on fontconfig and xft2.
>But xft2 no longer depends on the render extension, it can display 
>antialiased fonts on any X server. 
>fontconfig and xft2 are pure client-side libraries, which 
>you should be able to build on Solaris using the tarballs provided at 

I've tried to compile Xft from fcpackage.02-06-03.01-31 from Keith's ftp site
without XRender as I believe it is only an XFree extension atm.
and As Xft.h is including <X11/extensions/Xrender.h> I believe this mean that
Xrender is required.

Keith, Owen, Am I right or wrong ?

>I think Keith is working on supporting libxml instead of expat, but this 
>is not ready yet.

Cool, I don't think GNOME needs another xml parser.

>PS I may be wrong here, I just got this whole maze build yesterday.

Same here but today ;)


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