Re: Updated Indic Patches



Thanks Eric & Tor.

Haven't done any system level coding so can't help
much here. Hope the switch to ft2 backend takes place
sooner since it'll be a great help for Indic

Unfortunately, I find very few Indians working on
supporting Indian languages. It is really very nice of
you to have worked so hard on supporting non-native

Best Regards,
Aditya Gilra.

He who has renounced all desires entering the mind;
and is happy in himself by himself is the man of
stable mind.
- Bhagwad Gita (2/54)

--- Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
> Eric Mader writes:
>  > I don't know anything about running gtk on
> Windows, so I can't be of much 
>  > help. I can say that my patches use Xft on Linux,
> and so use FreeType. I 
>  > guess that you need to do something special on
> Windows to enable the use of 
>  > Xft or the equivalent. (On Linux, I had to set
> the environment variable 
>  > "GDK_USE_XFT" to 1)
> GDK on Windows now uses the Win32 Pango backend, so
> it doesn't seem
> very likely that patches for the Xft Pango backend
> would be
> immediately applicable. It might be feasible to
> switch to using the
> FT2 backend in GDK on Windows (or maybe have it
> decidable at run-time,
> will have to hack on that some day), and then many
> more Pango shapers
> will be available also on Windows.
> --tml

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