Re: Updated Indic Patches

Eric Mader writes:
 > I don't know anything about running gtk on Windows, so I can't be of much 
 > help. I can say that my patches use Xft on Linux, and so use FreeType. I 
 > guess that you need to do something special on Windows to enable the use of 
 > Xft or the equivalent. (On Linux, I had to set the environment variable 
 > "GDK_USE_XFT" to 1)

GDK on Windows now uses the Win32 Pango backend, so it doesn't seem
very likely that patches for the Xft Pango backend would be
immediately applicable. It might be feasible to switch to using the
FT2 backend in GDK on Windows (or maybe have it decidable at run-time,
will have to hack on that some day), and then many more Pango shapers
will be available also on Windows.


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