Re: Updated Indic Patches

At 01:26 AM 2/24/2002, Aditya Gilra wrote:
Eric, do these patches also work on win32?

I'm using gtk 1.3.12 on win98 (from ) and using Keyman utility
to enter Unicode Hindi but to no effect.

Also if I pass a utf8 Hindi character as text to a
label it just displays an empty block.

I have code2000 and aksDeva and raghu8 opentype
Devanagari fonts installed which work fine with
wordpad and IE6 on win98.

- Aditya Gilra.

I don't know anything about running gtk on Windows, so I can't be of much help. I can say that my patches use Xft on Linux, and so use FreeType. I guess that you need to do something special on Windows to enable the use of Xft or the equivalent. (On Linux, I had to set the environment variable "GDK_USE_XFT" to 1)


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