imhangul is not correct..

I finally have some time to play with the Hangul input module in 
gtk 1.3...  :)  But the input algorithm is totally incorrect.

`r k r k' should produce `U+AC00 U+AC00', instead of '0xac01 0x314f'.

Could GtkIMContextSimple handle such this sequences?  If 'r k r' is in
the buffer and 'k' comes in, then it should commit the unicode char
corresponding to 'r k'(U+AC00) and leave 'r k' in the buffer.  And for
Hangul word to Hanja word conversion (though it's not very important),
it should not commit in this case.

I'll try to write a new one (if I have more spare time in the near
future :).

Though I like the clean design of the Emacs hangul input module, it
takes too much memory.  To handles all the Unicode Hangul syllables,
the table size will be about 4 times bigger.  I'd like to use Hangul
input automata used in hanterm.

Changwoo Ryu

Cc'ing is encouraged

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