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--- Joshua N Pritikin <vishnu pobox com> wrote:
> > > Can i configure pango to use the OpenType devanagari
> font
> > > from indix?
> > > 
> > >
> > 
> > Sure. You can. :)
> Do you mean: i should volunteer?  ;-)

It would be nice :-)

> Well, it's a beautiful font.

This font has won award in recent Bukva:raz! 2001
( - a type designer
competition. Prof. R.K.Joshi has done hard work to design
its faces. He is kind enough to put the font in public

> One thing that is probably totally
> impractical is that i wish the loop of the velanti (short
> e and
> long ee) would change width to adapt to the exact pixel
> width
> of the syllable.  Is that possible with OpenFont
> technology?  ;-)

In Indic scripts length of a syllable is not fixed. As you
might be knowing, a rule based algorithm is used to form a
syllable. The length can be as small as one character and
as long as 'N' characters. So practically it is very
difficult to implement your idea. However, most syllables
used in normal writing are made of two consonants (and of
course other characters/symbols).

In Raghu, we have tried our level best to exactly match
width of 'e' and 'long e' matra with the length of
individual consonant (or consonant conjunct) by classifying
them and then using proper matra with each class.


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