Some question on i18n output issue in gtk2

Hi man and lady .

	I'm now using Gtk2 based apps as my desktop gnome+pan. But I have some 
	problems on setting it properly.

	I know that, pango is responsible for text layout, and Gtk2 use unicode as internal
	encoding. Does it means that :

	1. Take gedit as an example, the text (big5 enc/ gb2312, whatever) I'd entered 
		into it is translated into unicode and the unicode string is then passed to
		pango. Pango will then select fonts to render it, using fontconfig and Xft calls.
		Do my understanding right??
	2. For the 'unicode string' which is used inside gtk, is it always UTF8, or UCS4, or 
		any other things?

	3. Is there any documentation about the immodule, is there any existing one for 
		TW or HK (eg CJ im for chinese) ?? 

	4. In the context of rendering chinese characters, may be any other han characters,
		how does pango handle it?? Does it responsible to draw it using the functions
		from Xft ? And do pango has do any extra works in doing font selection ?
		As I find that, for a string composed with GB18030 chars, some chars is
		rendered by 'font A' and some chars is rendered using 'font B', what's current
		mechanism ?


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