Re: logical index to visual index (Pango 1.0.1)

Derek Leach <dleach qnx com> writes:

> Hello Everyone,
> Given the following string, in logical order:
> <some herbrew> Hello
> Imangine the visual order is as follows:
> Hello <some hebrew>
> Now, is there any way programmatically to determine,
> given the logical index of the letter 'H',
> the 'visual' index of the letter 'H', without
> having to render the layout?  
> Would pango_layout_line_index_to_x, or pango_layout_line_x_to_index
> be used for this purpose?

Pango doesn't really have an idea of the visual order of characters,
it only deals with the visual order of "glyphs", so the idea of the
visual index of a character isn't generally a useful concept.

What pango_layout_line_index_to_x and the opposite do are handle converting
from x,y position to index and vice versa.

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