Re: Pango 1.0.1 Compilation failure - pangxft-font.c

Keith Hopper <kh waikato ac nz> writes:

> Greetings,
>      I append a log file from an attempted pango compilation showing
> apparent syntax, etc errors in pangoxft-font.c compilation.  I am using
> Slackware linux - kernel 2.2.19 - gcc 2.95.3.
>      I am not a C programmer - so am stuck - any help anyone?!?
The problem is that Slackware has broken freetype headers. It has the
freetype1 headers in


and the freetype2 headers in 


or something like that, so that an include like "freetype/freetype.h"
is ambiguous. (The freetype1 headers should be in include/freetype1/freetype)

Removing the freetype1 headers from your system is probably the
easiest way to fix this.


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