Re: CJK in basic-ft2

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, Shane Nay wrote:

> With GTK under X CJK fonts works great, however, under DirectFB I'm 
> not having any luck.  What I know about UTF8 and internationalization 
> in general could probably fit in all of 100 neuron connections, so I 
> was hoping someone would have some ideas.
> Someone noted when I asked this question on the DirectFB list that it 
> was probably related to the difference between basic-ft2 & basic-x 
> (?).  Which on analysis looked about right.  The fonts are getting 
> accessed, so it sees them, it's just not deciding to use them.  
> Anyway, here's the message I sent to the DirectFB list yesterday, if 
> you have any insight into the problem I would appreciate it :).
> Thanks,
> Shane Nay.
> <begin message to DFB list>
> I'm probably missing the boat here somewhere, but I've compiled up 
> the new version of GTK+/DirectFB (2.0.0), and can't seem to get CJK 
> fonts to render.  The relevant versions are as such-
> DirectFB-0.9.9
> freetype-2.0.5
> pango-1.0.1
> glib-2.0.1
> atk-1.0.1
> gtk+-directfb-2.0.0
> Using gtk+ X11 I have no problems with the same versions of 
> everything.  (Both gtk+-2.0.0 and gtk+-2.0.2 in X11 mode work fine)
> Following a strace through the running of the program I can see it 
> access the appropriate fonts but it doesn't seem to notice they are 
> appropriate.  (They are truetype BTW)  Anyway, any hints would be 
> appreciated.
> </end message to DFB list>

Did you set up your XftConfig file (what PangoFT2 uses for config) so that 
the "sans", "serif" and "mono" aliases points to a list of fonts that 
include one that support CJK?

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