Re: [l10n-dev] Support and Help required

in gtk-i18n-list gnome org now, they've a discuss
on the Hebrew and Thai supports in Pango.
maybe it has something related to Indic scripts.

both OpenOffice and Pango use OpenType.


Ajey Y Gore wrote:
> > I don't know if you are aware of it or if it is suitable to your needs;
> > but did you looked at pango?
> > If the needs for OpenOffice are satisfied with it, I think it would be
> > better to use libpango and link with it rather than having an internal
> > implementation.
> But still, If the fascilities are available and when we have developed the
> thing why don't we use that, we can do one thing, the component and shared
> object can be made externals and we can make call to them. But still Pango
> doesn't goes with Indian Scripts very well. There are lot many things about
> this.
> More over we are not changing the Original Source Code. So if it works well
> then  we can have OpenOffice Localization in Indian Languages. Because there
> is still no work is going on for Indian Languages and we have done it 1 year
> ago, so my question is why we shouldn't go for that. I am not imposing my
> view. Because we are doing this project with so much interest. Thats what
> Microsoft took us for that Job. Have you looked into Microsoft Windows 2000
> Indic Support. And if OO community supports us then we can have really a
> good Indian and South Asian Localized version, will you all help me out to
> carry out this task successfully?
> wait for lots of replies!
> -ajey
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