Re: A little polish of Thai shaper

Dov Grobgeld <dov Orbotech COM> writes:

> Speaking of vowels, I tested out Hebrew with vowels with the ClearlyU
> font, and they are placed in strange places. The problem with Hebrew
> wovels is that they may be divided into one of the following four
> categories:
>    * centered below the base character (most vowels act this way)
>    * Right aligned (e.g. dot above SIN)
>    * Left aligned (e.g. dot above SHIN)
>    * in middle of character (e.g. dot within VAV)
> What is not clear to me is where this kerning (meta) information is to 
> be stored

For BDF fonts, it's not. It's just a matter of convention for
where the accents are placed in the character cell for a particular

We could use extra properties to store the information, as we do for
Indic ligatures, but that would require special fonts, wouldn't
work well

Better font systems do better - OpenType fonts have a powerful system
for accent placement.

> and what module is supposed to use this information to do the proper
> rendering.

We now have a hebrew shaper in Pango so it is supposed to do


Most likely, there is again a mismatch between the clearlyu fonts
and the expectations of this shaper.  

I'm not sure we actually _need_ a Hebrew shaper --- for anything
better than core X fonts, generic accent placement mechanisms
will probably work.


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