Re: A little polish of Thai shaper

I should state that in my text drawing code, I position non-spacing characters
algorithmically based on overlaying a 2x2 grid on the base character.  Thus,
the non-spacing glyphs in ClearlyU are not positioned to appear correctly
without some calculation.

Theppitak has adjusted the Thai non-spacing glyphs in the ClearlyU font so
that they will be positioned correctly if they follow the base character; as
they are supposed to for Unicode text.

I haven't had time to peruse the Pango code yet, so I'm not sure what it is
doing, but I was intending on including Theppitak's changes in the next
version of ClearlyU.

The next release of ClearlyU will hopefully be in July some time.  I lost a
hard drive on my home machine with many of the improvements and additions, and
I'm trying to get them added again.
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