XIM String Conversion Callback


Now I am working on a Thai XIM, which needs context-sensitive input
sequence check. (The need to restrict the input sequence was once discussed
when we talked about Thai rendering in Pango.) To do the job, I have been
pointed to the String Conversion Callback of the XIM for accessing the
application's buffer. And that needs the XIM client to call XSetICValues()
with XNStringConversionCallback key. But I don't find such code in GDK 1.2.8.

So, the question is: has the callback be supported any where in GTK+?

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
Information Research and Development Division, NECTEC
(Was: Software and Language Engineering Laboratory)
http://www.links.nectec.or.th/~thep/  mailto:theppitak nectec or th

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