Re: Pango and gnome-print different world view of font files

Richard Shih-Ping Chan <cshihpin dso org sg> writes:

> Hi,
> Just wondering aloud about pango and gnome-print world view
> of available font files. I think this should converge otherwise
> the beautiful fonts shown on screen may not be printable.
> Now, it seems that Pango uses XftConfig (amongst other possible backends)
> while gnome-print uses gnome-font-install and xml config files.
> Any intention on merging the two?

Pango uses the Xft configuration files for both the Xft and FT2
backends. The intention is to eventually migrate to Keith 
Packard's 'fontmatch' library which will be (more or less) the
font cataloging parts of Xft split out into a separate library.

If the gnome-print people don't make sure that fontmatch meets
there needs, and don't migrate to it when it is done, well,
that will be a serious missed opportunity for GNOME.


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