Re: How to find out which default encoding is used

Alois Goller <goller tttech com> writes:

> What I actually would like to have is a function that returns the default
> encoding used. Any help or pointers are appreciated.

GLib-2.0 provides the function:

 * g_get_charset:
 * @charset: return location for character set name
 * Obtains the character set for the current locale; you might use
 * this character set as an argument to g_convert(), to convert from
 * the current locale's encoding to some other encoding. (Frequently
 * g_locale_to_utf8() and g_locale_from_utf8() are nice shortcuts,
 * though.)
 * The return value is %TRUE if the locale's encoding is UTF-8, in that
 * case you can perhaps avoid calling g_convert().
 * The string returned in @charset is not allocated, and should not be
 * freed.
 * Return value: %TRUE if the returned charset is UTF-8
gboolean g_get_charset (G_CONST_RETURN char **charset);

[ Note that the default assumption of GLib on Unix is that
  filenames are stored in UTF-8, not the locale encoding --
  so g_filename_to/from_utf8() are noops.

  This comes from an opinion that storing untagged data
  in a locale-specific encoding is a really bad idea. You
  can override this by setting the G_BROKEN_FILENAMES
  environment variable. ]

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