Re: Pango Unicode coverage

Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh sharif edu> writes:

> On 26 Dec 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
> >  * The unicode character property code in Glib needs some
> >    work to handle properties for characters not in the 
> >    BMP. (The interfaces are fine, but the internal data
> >    structures are limited.)
> We recently redid FriBidi's informational data structures to support
> non-BMP characters. Do you think it will be hard to do for Glib? If not, I
> can put some time on it (mainly for demonstration purposes, since I love
> to refer people to pango).

My guess is that it would probably be no more than a days work.
In fact it could probably be done in half an hour, but the 
challenge is doing it without bloating the size of GLib too much.

(Does it make sense to go from 2 level page tables to 3 level
page table? Would it be better to special case the plane 14
language tags in the code to keep things compact? That
kind of question.)
> >    (Can the TTF format handle Unicode charmaps with characters outside the
> >    BMP? I don't think so...)
> I've heard that it does, but did not get into the details. As far as I
> know, there is a CJK font in WinXP that does this. (There is only a limit
> of 65536 glyphs per TrueType font, which should not be a problem.)

OK, that sounds good. 


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